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At Verba Content Strategy, we specialise in analysing information, drawing insights from data, and breaking down complex theories, in order to assist our clients communicate their expertise to their audience and build connections with their customers.

With a wealth of experience writing for the international press and specialist corporates, we understand the importance of conveying your expertise to global markets. Based in Asia, we are expert writers for the financial, technology, and business communities.

Our clients include, inter alia, global banks, real estate players, financial publications, technology start-ups, and entrepreneurs. Please check out our affiliate site REITAsiaPac.





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We believe that content should seek to educate, inform and inspire. Idea generation starts with understanding your business and goals, then establishing how content could support your growth strategy.

Breaking down a complex concept and communicating it to your audience can be a challenging task. We can explain complicated information and improve the readers’ understanding of your products and services.

02. CONTENT CREATION (Text and Infographics)

We provide research support as well as writing for your business communication, thought-leadership, technical documents, sales pitches, profiles and features.

We are specialists in story-boarding and design for infographics.


Content that has the optimal ingredients will induce emotion, encourage action, be valuable and memorable. It will build relationships, create engagement, and foster trust.

Carefully crafted content requires a distribution strategy that is well-timed and goal-oriented. We can provide an effective editorial calendar and a distribution strategy that is focused on the appropriate social media channels and media placements.


Editing and proofreading are crucial steps in writing. Keep in mind that your external communication reflects your business standing and branding. At Verba Content, we believe in delivering polished content.


Transliterating is easy, but translation is hard. Language software has led to a plethora of poorly interpreted content. In order to stand out, foreign language original content requires refining and honing to make it comprehensible when translated. Often the aptness of a single word, le mot juste, will be the difference between a perfect translation and an incomprehensible transcription. We provide Chinese and English translations.

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